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Hi, I’m Ben Stuart. Here you will find my online store Thrifty P, my photography service shp Photography as well as my other business formats and services.

I’ll also share content that is grounded in a more personal nature, with a large range of subjects covered, along with a lot of general entertainment pieces.

You’ll also be able to follow my Ongoing Projects, where the progress can be followed throughout each week.

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2018 The Plan

I’m about to take a Christmas break, so expect less new content on this site until just after Christmas. When I return, I’ll be more then doubling the content amounts that 2017 saw, as I expand on what 2017 brought to Stuffhere Projects! Please note, the Stuffhere Projects store Thrifty P will of course continue to …

Cafe Romford

The book I am currently reading is Personal a Jack Reacher novel.  I have in particular been looking forward to reading this Lee Child’s book as a large part of it is set in Romford. If you do not know, I have spent most of my life in and around this famous town. The reason why I mention the …


I’m Ben Stuart CEO for Stuffhere Projects. This is my company in which my main services are created under such as the online store Thrifty P, and my Photography Service shp Photography,

This website also showcases the content that I provide on a more personal note. Whatever I’m interested at the time of creating will be shared, and hopefully it may be of interest to some of you, too!

As well as one off articles there are ongoing projects that you can follow throughout each week.

The design and execution of this website is minimal, I hope to let the talking come from the content!


There are some aims in particular I am trying to achieve with what is put out through Stuffhere Projects:

Encouraging Community: Many projects are centred around community and showing the good that people do;  be that in their business, personal life or for a great cause.

Low Prices: For my services, I have worked on a business model to help keep prices low, particularly when compared with the general average.

Customer Service Focus: I do believe that any type of business will live and die by its customer service. Great prices and a brilliant product can only go so far. There will be other places with great prices and the same products; the only way to stand out is by not just striving for good customer service, but reaching beyond that level. This is what I aim to achieve with all of the offered services

Something a Bit Different! You know that old saying: ‘Be yourself, because everybody else is already taken’? Well I took that to apply to Stuffhere Projects. I do not make my content different just for the sake of making it different. I will use a lot of the current popular content and format types. But I will also be offering material from different angles and of different format types from what is typically the norm. It’l be experimental, and some times might not ‘exactly work’ but that is the fun of it!

You need something that can offer what it offers with different angles and ideas. Overtime I hope you will notice that as well as offering popular content types and formats, Stuffhere Projects will also offer plenty of alternatives.

Thrifty P Logo

Thrifty P

This is the online store where I sell products acquired through the projects! For example you can purchase items from my Unboxing videos, or buy products created by those I have been collaborating with! Click below to have a look:

Thrifty P ebay Shop

From time to time I add items to the ebay shop. These are items which I think may do better as an auction, rather then be sold straight out on the main Thrifty P shop. I always begin the auctions with very low starting bids and no reserves. You could definitely swoop up a bargain!

Head over to the Thifty P ebay store here:


About me personally? For better or worse, that will be answered with a lot of the more personal content that will find its way to this website!


You can contact Stuffhere Projects using social media, email, phone or just fill out the below form.

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