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here For Your Projects: We also offer Services that could be helpful for your latest project! This includes content writing and copywriting, proofreading, logo design, website maintenance, customer service support and much more!

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Copy & Content Writing for
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Purchase copy or content for your projects, suitable for blog posts, product write-ups, content for your webpages, business letters and loads more! for a quote.

Prices Start From Just £5!

Hand knitted creations including unique accessories, decorations, bags, soft toys and lots more.


A treasure trove of content on interesting products we encounter, from shops, car boots, markets and our lofts and attics! Some items will even be for sale!


Ways to save money, ways to make money, covering topics that include work, lifestyle and lots more.


How about…a Fivesquid app?

As you may know, I offer my writing and proofreading services on Fivesquid. It is a fast and effective way to serve customers, and I also buy the services from other freelancers on this format from time to time. I have added a shortcut to my Fivesquid page in the top menu as I spotted […]

Can You Toast a Hash Brown?

Yes, in the first of the new “Questions You Probably Didn’t Ask This Morning” segment, I asked myself a question this morning: Can a hash brown be toasted? The reason for this question was because I, like many other people, started toasting hash browns when we were reminded via a viral facebook post toasting potato […]

The Art’s Archive

Hi all! At this present time, we are not able to visit any theatre productions, hopefully, this will be able to change soon. I enjoyed going to see plays as I know so many did. Much has been said about the governments lack of financial support for those who work in the arts sector during […]

Little Written

As a child, I liked to write scripts. I still do but haven’t done it for a while. I would usually either work on a script based on one of my own story ideas, or an adaptation of a famous TV franchise. I also liked to write sketches, sometimes for famous franchises such as the, […]

Free Food & Drink @ Costa

From Monday to Friday throughout August you can already get 50% off food and drink when you sit in, but there is also a nice simple way to get some free food and drink from Costa. Sign up to the app here: Use the Costa app like me and get 100 (£1) free points to […]

More of My Favourite Moving TV Moments

Yes, it’s Another Very Moving TV Moment! Hi all. Here we have another entry of my favourite moving TV moments. Instead of adding 5 at a time, I am going to feature a few single ones as and when I think of them. Oh, and coming soon will be a look at moving moments outside […]

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