The Joker 2

and Lady Gaga! Things are getting interesting with recent Joker 2 news. Sure, it is a movie I can’t decide if I wanted a sequel for or not. You might agree that it works perfectly as a stand-alone film, but then again, it could be interesting to see more… And then we found out It…… Continue reading The Joker 2

The Images of Ghosts

Whilst I have been reading my latest ghost book (I love stories about ghosts, especially in the haunted house genre) I was thinking about ghosts in general. As I quite often do, and I know many people do from time to time. Some have belief in ghosts, some don’t and others are unsure. In this…… Continue reading The Images of Ghosts

Lidl + Review:

Does Aldi have Stiff Competition? #thriftyp ThriftyP | Facebook In the form of Lidl? Well, it has competition in the form of all the other supermarkets, but in terms of my personal “No.1 Supermarket” spot! Yes, I am a convert to Aldi regarding the big supermarkets in the UK. Of course, it’s not perfect; its…… Continue reading Lidl + Review:

Album in My Spotlight

Bridge of Spies by T’Pau For ‘Album in My Spotlight’ I will share what a specific album means to me! This album was: Produced by Roy Thomas BakerEngineering and mixing by Jerry NapierCarol Decker – vocalsRonnie Rogers – guitarsTim Burgess – drums, percussionMichael Chetwood – keyboardsPaul Jackson – bassTaj Wyzgowski – guitarsPeter Ballin – tenor saxophoneGary…… Continue reading Album in My Spotlight