Content & Service For Your Projects:

Blog articles? Page write-ups? Product Descriptions? E-commerce set up?

Quality Content Ideal For:

  • Blogs
  • Website Pages Such as your Front Page & About Page
  • Product Descriptions for your Online Store or Other Selling Marketplace
  • Magazine Articles
  • Book Articles (for example ghostwriting)

Remember, the completed content becomes your property to do as you please with!

The Prices And Completion        Times Are As Follows:

1-600 words £5 (1 Day Completion)

600-1000 words £10 (2 Day Completion)

1000-1,600 words £15 (3 Day Completion)

1,600-2,200 words £20 (5 Day Completion)

Any other amount of words required, contact me for a price and completion time quote.

If your order value is over £60 you will get £10 off!

Do you think you might want to recieve my content every month? You can subscribe for continues content. Every 3rd Month you use the service you will recieve a free 600 worded article!

£100 Online Monthly Value Deal

For this value deal, that costs £100 and lasts for a whole month, you will receive:

. A basic WordPress site setup for your business or project (if required)

. The above website will be filled with all the page content you require

. Ongoing maintenance support for your website for the whole month. Dealing with customer service so you don’t have too!

. SEO work, including submitting your website to directories throughout the month, checking over any posted content to make sure it is in line with your current keywords.

. Set up an online store platform, such as Shopify. Also up to 2 other selling pages such as ebay.

. General advice and support for your online project. Contact by phone, email or text service for a same-day response.

. High-Quality logo design by a trusted designer, with an impeccable standard of service

No Minimum subscription length, cancel at any time.

Don’t Need All of the Above? No problem! Contact for a quote and a package will be worked out that suits you!

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