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Hi, I’m Ben Stuart.

Stuffhere Projects is my company name, and it is where I create and share all my projects.

Here you will be able to follow all the various projects I am involved in, and discover other content based on a wide varity of topics that interest me and hopefully will you, too!




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Before I was back. Now I’m Back Back. As in not going out. Going Out Out. Oh yes, i mentioned I’d be gone from updating this website for a bit, and just doing my posts on my social media channels why I sorted a few bits out. Then I had to repeat that same process, …


Need an article written? Or maybe you have an existing document that you would like proofread? Contact for a competitive quote.

I also offer the same services on my fivesquids page, if you would prefer to purchase through that format:

Article Writing

Available on my fivesquids page


Available on my fivesquids page




Hi. I’m Ben Stuart, Welcome to my little group of projects I like to collectively call Stuffhere Projects! 

You can also find at details on services I provide which you may like to purchase for your project or event.

You might notice that the designs and execution of this website are minimal, I hope to let the talking come from the content!

You can also find Stuffhere Projects to provide an exercise in thriftiness, as in the running of each part of this format I try to do my best to save where I can!

Finally, through Stuffhere Projects, which is also my registered company that I am CEO of, I offer a range of services that can help you get your project off the ground!


There are some aims, in particular, I am trying to achieve with what is put out through Stuffhere Projects:

Encouraging Community: Many projects are centred around community and showing the good that people do;  be that in their business, personal life or for a great cause.

Low Prices: For my services, I have worked on a business model to help keep prices low, particularly when compared with the general average.

Customer Service Focus: I do believe that any type of business will live and die by its customer service. Great prices and a brilliant product can only go so far. There will be other places with great prices and the same products; the only way to stand out is by not just striving for good customer service, but reaching beyond that level. This is what I aim to achieve with all of the offered services

Something a Bit Different! You know that old saying: ‘Be yourself, because everybody else is already taken’? Well I took that to apply to Stuffhere Projects. I do not make my content different just for the sake of making it different. I will use a lot of the current popular content and format types. But I will also be offering material from different angles and of different format types from what is typically the norm. It’l be experimental, and some times might not ‘exactly work’ but that is the fun of it!

You need something that can offer what it offers with different angles and ideas. Over time I hope you will notice that as well as offering popular content types and formats, Stuffhere Projects will also offer plenty of alternatives.

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Thrifty P

This part of the website is product focused. Not only can you discover news, previews reviews and more on many different types of items, you can also buy some! From time to time I sell items that I have acquired through a project or someone I have been working with.

Thrifty P ebay Shop

Sometimes I add items to the ebay shop. These are items which I think may do better as an auction, rather then be sold straight out on the main Thrifty P shop. I always begin the auctions with very low starting bids and no reserves. You could definitely swoop up a bargain!

Head over to the Thifty P ebay store here:


You can contact Stuffhere Projects using social media, email,  or by completing the below form. All messages will be answered ASAP, usually always within 24hrs of receipt.

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