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  • Can AI be Good For Song Writers?

    Neil Tennant’s Interesting Points on AI Song Writing So, AI is gradually making big waves in all sorts of industries, with many excited and probably just as many worried! Today I read an interesting article in The Guardian which shared Neil Tennant’s thoughts from a songwriting perspective. The comments were made by Neil in an […]

  • Productivity Tip

    Grouping Tabs in Edge If your browser of choice has become Edge you may have spotted the tab grouping feature. Now I have only just started using it but I can see it becoming beneficial for productivity. You know how it is, before you know it you have 108 tabs open on topics ranging from […]

  • Big Lidl & Aldi Food Roundup!

    Time for my latest Lidl and Aldi discoveries and what I thought of them! #thriftyp Starting with Lidl: The weather has (slowly) warmed up and my morning porridge is replaced by muesli. Now, overall I prefer to put one together using my favourite ingredients but in between I thought I would sample this Aldi offering […]

  • My Common TV Misconceptions #2

    Little House on the Prairie was all Sweetness & Light Little House on the Prairie was a long-running and ultimately very popular period drama that ran from 1974-1983. It was based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and followed the lives of the Ingalls, a farming family. I watched this from a young age […]

  • Forgotten Railways #1

    A new series looking at disused railway lines, their history and possibilities for the future. Some of these railways have just been left abandoned, whilst others have become something else! We are going to kick things off with: Bath Green Park Station: Opened in 1870 Closed in 1966 I recently travelled to Bath, and went […]

  • Ben Cooks Favourite Chicken Curry

    Hi. This week, I am looking forward to a chicken curry, one that I often cook. There are loads of great ways to make one, but here is my and my partner’s current favourite recipe which we often have for lunch and dinner whenever we are in the mood for curry time. It’s pretty quick […]

  • Song in Focus #5

    Ordinary World by Duran Duran Its a corker today! Ah Duran Duran. A band so good they named it twice. Of what I have listened to (around 80% so far) I like pretty much all of their single output. I haven’t played any full albums so would like to do that at some point. But […]

  • My Common TV Misconceptions #1

    EastEnders Has No Humour No humour in EastEnders has filled the social media comments pages for years as well as being a statement made by numerous TV critics over the shows long history. And you can see where this comes from, EastEnders started off with an undercurrent of misery and darkness and has continued along […]

  • Underated Spotlight: Wendy Moten & hit song Come in Out of the Rain

    For this post, I want to highlight both the singer and song in equal measures. I know both the singer and song have had very good success, but considering the talent I definitely think that the underated label is a fair on! The Talent of Wendy Moten Wendy is an American singer who Wikipedia classifies […]

  • Warhammer Goes Mainstream?

    The new movie may launch Warhammer to its biggest audience yet, which of course carries it’s own pros and cons. Every so often we get those long standing franchises that suddenly get thrust into a much bigger spotlight. This can often happen if a book, movie or game is released based on the property. Sometimes […]

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