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As a child, I liked to write scripts. I still do but haven’t done it for a while. I would usually either work on a script based on one of my own story ideas, or an adaptation of a famous TV franchise. I also liked to write sketches, sometimes for famous franchises such as the, now in some ways even more, controversial Little Britain.

I watched Little Britain from around the age of 15, I think, possibly younger. I got into it and liked some of the sketches and characters, certainly enough to want to write some of my own sketches based on the creations of Matt and David. Like most sketch shows it was a bit hit and miss for me. I would be waiting for a sketch with my favorite characters to appear, although there were some ‘in-between ‘ moments that I liked (and of course the Tom Baker voiceover).

Recently, when tidying the loft, I came across one of my old notebooks (actually I have found a lot, some still readable, most not). This one in particular was actually a Little Britain themed one-yes that is how popular it got, it had its own stationery (I also remember having A Vicky plushie abd The Catherine Tate Show stationary at a similar time!) Unfortunately, the book had gone slightly mouldy but I thought I would salvage the pages of the script I wrote on the 30/07/07 when I was a fresh-faced 18-year-old lad (I can’t remember if I was actually fresh-faced). I quite like the script I had written, if you are familiar with the characters of Lou and Andy you will understand the concept.

For my own reference I am going to be uploading some more of my notebook writing finds, and possibly you may find them of interest too.

Have you uncovered any articles that you wrote many years ago? They can definitely be very interesting to look over again!

Until next time,

Bye! Ben xxx





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