Month: November 2017

  • At Last a Saturday Night TV Winner!

    At Last a Saturday Night TV Winner!

    Time to give credit in TV land, where credit in TV land is due! That credit is for Michael McIntyre’s Big Show. Well I mean I have been thinking for a while that this show has been a big improvement to the usual prime time Saturday UK schedule ,but now its reached its third series, […]

  • Podcast!


    I had been thinking for a while now about doing some Podcasts. I had a number of subjects I had been wanting to get down, and I think some of them would suit the format of a podcast. For now I’ll upload them to YouTube and in time I might look for pure podcast websites […]

  • Holby City Epic 2 Parter with Paul McGann

    Holby City Epic 2 Parter with Paul McGann

    I love a bit of Holby City me. If you are not aware of Holby City, it is a medical drama that, here in the UK airs every Tuesday night at 8pm. It is a spin off from another long running and very popular medical drama on BBC1: Casualty. In the UK, a large amount […]

  • Become Your True Selfie!

    Become Your True Selfie!

    I was confused about a title of a This Morning video in my YouTube feed, today. After watching though, I understood the story, and its an interesting one. It raises some points that are certainty worth giving thought to, in this modern age. I was trying to work out how you could make yourself more […]

  • Enjoy Burger King for Cheaper!

    #shpSaves Looking for ways to save your cash? Well will regularly have just that!  Look out for #shpSaves In view of that old rivalry between McDonalds and Burger KIng, I have never took a die-hard side either way. I think they both do some things better then the other. However if pushed, I’d say […]

  • Sod’s Law?

    Sod’s Law?

    Sod’s Law aka Murphy’s Law is a prospect I have always been interested in. First of all in case you are unfamiliar with the concept, Sod’s Law is the idea that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Now I will take a guess that you have felt that way at least a few […]

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Stuffhere Projects’ new website. My name is Ben Stuart and I am the CEO for Stuffhere Projects LTD. This is the main site for my projects on both a personal level and of course the projects of Stuffhere Projects. I’ll be uploading new content most days; it will be a mix of creative […]