Olaf Osmond

Frozen is one of the biggest movie franchises in a long time. There are a lot of reasons that the two films have been such a hit, but one character who has been very popular with audiences is Olaf! The funny snowman has joined the ranks of classic Disney characters. How can you not like…… Continue reading Olaf Osmond

I’m on fivesquid!

Hello. I hope you are doing OK. Just a quick note about buying a service from Stuffhere Projects. As you may know, you can purchase a service just by contacting us contact@theshp.net However, if you prefer, you can also purchase from my official page on fivesquid: https://www.fivesquid.com/freelancer/Benno I offer the same proofreading, copywriting and content…… Continue reading I’m on fivesquid!

These are Ever Changing Times…

https://youtu.be/AM0MVuEmFGc First up I love the above song. I only discovered it a couple of years back-I was more of a late comer when it came to discovering the brilliance of Michael McDonald and of course the almighty Aretha Franklin. This is one of my all time favorite duets, with two of my all time…… Continue reading These are Ever Changing Times…

Playdate With The Simpsons

Ahhh, who else loved the newest short from The Simpsons, currently streamable on Disney+. I had not seen it previously, just took the plunge the other day and signed up to the latest big-name streaming service. Partly I signed up when I realised they had The Simpsons. I have not watched the show in a…… Continue reading Playdate With The Simpsons

Earn with Bing!

#thriftyP Ah, the Bing brand. A brand that naturally plays second fiddle to Google’s flagship search engine-the search engine that kick-started its own massive brand and catapulted it to mammoth status! Oh, Google changed the way we used search engines forever, it is fair to say. You know its big when we tend to say…… Continue reading Earn with Bing!