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Do you keep a diary or journal as they are known in some parts of the country? I must admit I don’t…well not exactly. I keep wishing that I had kept an entry in a diary of some as it would make for very interesting reading as indeed everyone’s diary would.

I have kept one on and off, especially when I was younger I would write bits down, and sometimes in one of my writing books I’ll make notes that will in some way relate to the day, thoughts, feelings inspired by the moments’ events, that kind of thing

Some entries that you might make in a diary you would want to be personal, in fact, usually writing a diary is a pretty personal thing as it can contain your most intimate thoughts. Some people though, write what is arguably a modern take on the diary, and one that is not kept private, in fact, it’s shared with the world (depending on your traffic reach!) and that thing is a Blog.

Some folks have a personal blog where they share however little or much they want to about what’s going on in their lives. This can also appear in a video form known as a vlog. Some can get pretty intimate, some can be a bit more of a general update about certain subjects that the main website revolves around. I have done a few different blogs over the years and they have usually been a combination of the more general with sprinkles of personalisation here and there.

I plan on going back to that kind of blogging, which will appear on the main blog page here at along with the usual posts. I really hope that some people will find some of the posts interesting, even helpful, but if not then that is completely OK. I am also doing it for myself, I find that writing about something can help as a release and I would say over the last few years I have been using writing in that kind of way more often-be it pen to paper or hand to keyboard! This regular, almost daily posts will be tagged #stuffheredaily

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