A boy, Pokemon & his dog

As we continue to celebrate Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary, a recent Poke-related news story allowed people the chance for a nice, fuzzy feeling.

You can read the full story via the link below, but in summary, it is about an 8-year old called Bryson who sold his Pokemon card collection to fund life-saving treatment for his families pet dog.



I always think it’s nice when people get behind something like this, as we can see from the GoFundMe support page. Also, love it when a company sits up and takes note of someone’s positive actions and retaliates with a nice reward.

It’s understandable that this young lad would like Pokemon so much, and it sounds like he built up an impressive collection so I’m sure he was very pleased with his cards sent by the Pokemon company. Being able to visit the headquarters was a nice touch, too.

But rightly, no matter how much we might like our collections, pets are on another level when it comes to love and it’s easy to see how Bryson didn’t have to think for very long when it comes to having the chance to save his furry friend.


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