A tribute to Angelo Badalamenti

Having recently passed away, I wanted to give a tribute to this great composer. His music has touched me throughout my life and I really appreciate his art. And he is a big part of what makes Twin Peaks one of my favorite shows ever made.

Angelo composed music for other David Lynch productions too, and his music was a big part of what I loved about them as well. However, for this piece, I am focusing on his work on Twin Peaks as this is what got me to discover his other works and his amazing talent.

You see, it was largely Angelo’s haunting, dark, epic, moving, ethereal theme music that got me involved in Twin Peaks. Many years ago, I saw a video on YouTube showcasing the Twin Peaks theme, with the uploader saying how great it was and also the comments doing the same. If you have never heard it, or just want to hear it again, here it is:

I gave it a listen that day, and was instantly hooked on the music. I was soon listening to it on repeat, and researching more about it. Not long after, I began watching the show, making my way through the first two series, and any connected media I could find. And then getting excited all over again when I heard a third series was being made.

I also got involved in watching everything else David Lynch put out. It was due to that initial theme music this all happened. I had a slight connection previously with Twin Peaks as a kid I had seen it on TV, but it had just come on after something else that had been watched late at night and the sound was down, so I had no actual context for what the show was. When I really got into it was after enjoying the Twin Peaks theme, all those years later.

The theme, seriosuly is a work of art. Music is a big part of a David Lynch production, and its one of the things I love about what he puts out. And this theme, it says so much. A listner can pick up sadness, erieness, drama and hints of hope, its just a lovely thing to listen to and my all time favourite theme tune from any show. And this theme helped shape Twin Peaks to become my favourite show, and that is strongly in part to how music is used throughout. Angelo’s music is the definition of a stiring sound.

Thank you Angelo Badalamenti for the music and for getting me involved in something that means a lot to me. RIP.


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