Stuffhere Projects:

Offers Content From Our Projects

That is content from the Stuffhere Projects team and all those individuals and companies we collab with! 

Offers Services For Your Projects

Including Copywriting, Logo Design, Customer Service Aids, Promotion and much more! Services are offered by Stuffhere Projects and those that we work with!

Company Aim: Collaboration

A great thing about embarking on a project of any type is the new people, companies or organisations that you can discover in the process. This could be due to the use of a service provided by one of the above, or as part of a collaboration. Either way, it can be an excellent way to discover new creators, business providers and other services to come back to again and again. And when Stuffhere Projects discovers a great service you can be sure we will go out of our way to promote it!

Company Aim: Make A Difference

There are so many great causes out there, and one of my hopes is to use Stuffhere Projects to contribute to them in at least some small way. It could be through donating or raising funds. It could also be through exploring the stories behind the cause and promoting the causes with the tools we have to do so.

Company Aim: A Platform To Share

Stuffhere Projects wants to encourage the notion of sharing, which is why not only will you find our blog page Latest full of news, reviews and other articles focused on TV, Film, Games and Sport, you will also find pieces that have a very personal connection to the writer. These articles will come from the Stuffhere Projects team as well as guest writers.

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