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Dried fruits and nuts are something I always like to have in stock. My go-to place is Grape Tree for large bulk deals. Then there is Holland and Barret when talking about high street offerings. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good independent whole foods store but where I am currently living I don’t have any around. But like a retail-based knight-in-shinning-armor, Aldi has entered the dried fruits and nuts market.

I mean Aldi has always sold nuts and dried fruits but they are making more of a thing of their range, and the prices are good. Looking at current prices, I would save a decent few pounds by purchasing smaller packets of nuts and fruit from Aldi than the bulk I would usually buy from Grape Tree. But of course, quality is a consideration.

From Aldi’s website, the price as of 18/09/22

And that was something very good I discovered. Me, personally, I found the quality of the dried apricots to be slightly better, taste-wise and texture-wise than Grape Tree or H&B normally offer. I like my apricots soft, squidgy, and tasty which Aldi’s were, Grape Tree and H&B’s are usually nice but sometimes a bit harder and not as sweet. Aldi’s also come in handy resealable packaging, although I just purchase 1kg worth of packs, the same volume I would normally buy from the other two stores in single bulk bags.

They have sweet cranberries, which I enjoy mixed into a bowl of bran flakes in the morning, and they make a great snack on the go too. Not too sweet for me and still have a bit of the tartness of the fruit which I like.

From Aldi’s website, prices as of 18/09/22.
From Aldi’s website, pricing as of 18/09/22

Mixed nuts are also very good and again work out cheaper than most alternative options. Decent mix of nut types, and a good ratio so you are not left with just too much of one nut. Great mixed in with your bowl of cereal or yoghurt.

Whilst the prices are what they are, I highly recommend buying your dried fruit and nuts from Aldi, but keep an eye on the price as they have a habit of suddenly upping them! It is also worth remembering that Grape Tree and H&B reward customers with loyalty points and vouchers and Aldi doesn’t, so you would need to work out what saves you more in the long run. For me, Aldi’s cheaper pricing seems like it would still be more beneficial. And of course both the other stores have a superior sized range then Aldi, so you might not be able to replace all of your dried fruit and nut needs with Aldi. But at least they are getting better and it is impressive that the quality is there as well as the price. And aren’t dried fruit and nuts one of the best snacks?

Some more of what you can now find at Aldi. Prices as of 18/09/22.


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