Aldi Round-Up Time!

The promised Lidl round-up should be here soon, but I still have a few more Aldi buys to mention. Starting with this winner:

Christmas crisp time again.

Now, these were good. You get quite a lot in the bag for £1.35. This 200g bag is made up of little balls that are supposed to taste like turkey and stuffing and do you know what? It’s not a bad attempt. I usually find that any crisps that are supposed to taste like chicken taste like chicken gravy and any crisps that are supposed to taste like turkey will taste like chicken gravy crisps that were supposed to taste like gravy. If you catch my drift. These Turkey & Stuffing Bites tasted a little more like turkey, and there was a stuffing-type flavour to be found. Very nice-quite strong in flavour though so that might put some off, however I really enjoyed them.

Ah, the Racer. Now, this one I am pretty sure I have had in the past but not for a while. If you don’t know, these are Aldi’s knock-off Snickers. I am guessing the name Racer comes from the fact that Snickers used to be called Marathon. They are smaller than a typical Snickers bar, but bigger than the Fun-Size offerings. And as you can see from the pic below, great value. And do you know what? I actually, and I say this as a Snickers fan, prefer these to Snickers. There is something about the taste, just a little bit smoother and more pleasant for the tastebuds. They are quite small so if one isn’t enough you can always have two. But I think these are a great alternative to the more expensive Snickers bar.

Fancy a Racer? 6 bars for just 79p and a great little choc treat.

This leads us nicely to Aldi’s knock-off Mars bar. And I can’t believe they resisted naming it after another planet. We have the epic-sounding Titan instead. And that is Saturn’s largest moon, so we still have a space connection.

Six bars for 62p is an absolute bargain, even more so because this Mars knock-off tastes great. Like the Racer, they are quite small but still of great value, and just like the Racer, I prefer them to their more famous counterpart! Again, the taste is just smoother and more enjoyable. Yummy with a cuppa.

*Update* I have already reviewed the above product in the previous post, sorry!

Before I go, a quick update to the Pigs in Blankets Aldi crisps I tried in a previous post, I have now tried the Firey Pigs in Blankets crinkle-cut crisps, and I would say they were better, and actually taste more like Pigs in Blankets with a nice fiery twist. Not the best crisps ever but decent enough.

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So what are your Aldi must-haves? Share below!

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