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  • Thanks for the Stuffing

    As Thanksgiving begins in America I have seen a wide range of stuffing recipes crop up online. Some sound absolutely delicious like Italian Sausage stuffing or stuffing wrapped in bacon (I have had that and it’s a great take on stuffing). I also saw a Red Jello stuffing which sounds intriguing, and I have a […]

  • My Life in British Toy Shops

    Toys shops. A big part of the shopping experience for many. For some they evoke fond memories, largely because unl6iek other shops they are rarely boring! In this article I am going to focus on the toyshops that have made an impact on me here in the UK. Note that at first the articles will […]

  • The Difference Between a Stablecoin and a CBDC

    Stablecoin and CBDC are two payment systems that are worth looking into if you are interested in digital payment gateways and cryptocurrencies  What is Stablecoin? First of all, Stablecoin. This is a crypto aimed at regulating certain normalities that other options don’t. Many see it as a genuine threat to traditional banking. What is CBDC? […]

  • Have you got a side hustle for your Side Hustle?

    Today I was going to continue my journey seeing how much money I can make as a Uber Eats Courier in Swindon. I got up early to try and get a head start on things but the weather put that on hold. I don’t mind cycling in a bit of rain, taking all necessary precautions, […]

  • Aldi Round-Up Time!

    Trying a few more Aldi products, can you save money with these thrifty alternatives?

  • The Latest Aldi Review

    Another round up of my latest Aldi purchases. If you are interested in that other massive discount supermarket Lidi, I’ll be shifting my focus to them soon! Right, let’s start off with their version of a certain product that you either love or hate. Is it as good (or bad depending on your viewpoint!?!) I […]

  • Song in Focus #4

    Stay on These Roads By A-ha First up, I want to say that this group is one of my favourite bands. I was captivated by Take on Me from a young age, loving the clever video and catchy hook the song provides. Out of all of the videos I grew up watching on the music […]

  • Aldi Dried Fruit & Nuts

    Top Offers in Many Stores! Dried fruits and nuts are something I always like to have in stock. My go-to place is Grape Tree for large bulk deals. Then there is Holland and Barret when talking about high street offerings. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good independent whole foods store but where I […]

  • The Joker 2

    and Lady Gaga! Things are getting interesting with recent Joker 2 news. Sure, it is a movie I can’t decide if I wanted a sequel for or not. You might agree that it works perfectly as a stand-alone film, but then again, it could be interesting to see more… And then we found out It […]

  • Song in Focus #3

    Song in Focus #3 looks at the 2006 smash, Say it Right.