Ben Tries McDonald’s Double Chocolate Pie

its not very often Maccy D’s release a variation on their pie offerings. We get the Christmas mince pie option but not many others for those who would like their mouths to be burned by something other then molten apple

But, just released is the Double Chocolate Pie. Summer is an interesting time to choose to release it, but I’m writing this during a wet and windy, not that warm day in July, so who really what do I know?

Here’s how it looks according to the graphic on the app:

its description tell us that the pie is a ‘crispy chocolate pastry filled with a rich (no doubt molten) chocolate ganache’.

Looking at it I’m getting expanded Pop Tart vibes. Tasting it,-well I definitely like it. It could be because I’m trying it the first time and was craving something sweet, but it’s hitting the right spot.

It is molten hot chocolate inside, and it is sweet, I was expecting it to be very sweet but it’s not too sweet for me. And there is a lot of that chocolate ganache inside which is very nice. They have been generous with it. Its not a unique taste or anything but it’s something different for Mcd’s (I like to see how many different ways I can write McDonald’s throughout a post).

The outside is crispy, you get bits of cereal to taste along with the pastry-which afds to the texture. I couldn’t eat them all the time but as an occasional treat, and during the really cold winter months, this would be pretty spot on. At 1.99 the price is fair. Not bad, Maccy Baccy’s. Not bad at all.






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