Ben Tries…Naked

Don’t worry. This blog keeps me fully clothed at all times. No, what it is, is a simple taste test.

And I thought I’d give the Naked range of food some attention. If you are not familiar with them, they manufacturer convinence foods, such as noodles and soups. Today, to kick things off, I have a combo of both those things, an Asian Style Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup.

Before we get into this particular product, a bit on the Naked range. There name comes from the idea that their foodstuffs are free from any artificial ingredients. Now, when I am on the go, and unable to make my own meals, I’m often looking for convinence foods that will fill the hunger whole, as well as taste spot. But a lot of these things, such as noodles and soups will be full of artificial ingredients-something that in moderation shouldn’t be too bad, but I would like to stick to more natural ingredients as much as possible-and the food will taste all the better for it. So the Naked range is an attractive prospect for me, and many others.

This range is usually slightly more pricey then its competitors-but not if you shop at certain discount stores! Price for this pack was 39p in the Thurrock branch of B&M. Having a look online, they tend to be around 50p in the average supermarket, inline with similar products. I have always found their instant noodle pots to be slightly more expensive then rivals, but worth it for the taste, and actually having pieces of ingredients in as opposed to just powered substances.

Sorry, there was supposed to be an image of the actual soup made up here but I forgot to take it! It looks pretty much how you would expect 😁

Update: Found I did have a pic, and yep as expected:

So on to the taste, and they have plenty of flavour. I’m getting spices including ginger, plenty of corriander and black pepper. The mushroom comes through quite a bit, as does the carrot (there are small chunks of both, along with dried cabbage). I’m getting a lovely flavour, and I would definitely purchase again-if I did one thing first.

Add some chicken to throw in! Because the one taste I’m not getting is chicken, despite these being Asian Style Chicken Ramen Noodle Soups! I was hoping for some chicken taste, at least chicken stock, if not actual freeze dried pieces to cook once the broth is made. But no such luck-so I have to ask why brand it as a chicken product? It uses that word “style” which reminds me of Greek style yoghurt that isn’t actual Greek yoghurt. Using this word seems to be a way for manufactures to get a way with being a bit naughty.

And a quick look at the ingredients confirms my taste buds: no chicken is present at all. So as a soup in its own right its nice as these kinds of soups go, but as a chicken soup it fails. So I like it, but it doesn’t fullfill what it says on the packet!

Do you like the Naked products? Recommend me something to try below 🙂






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