Big Lidl & Aldi Food Roundup!

Time for my latest Lidl and Aldi discoveries and what I thought of them!


Starting with Lidl:

The weather has (slowly) warmed up and my morning porridge is replaced by muesli. Now, overall I prefer to put one together using my favourite ingredients but in between I thought I would sample this Aldi offering (especially as they gave me a voucher on Lidl Plus for 50% off meaning it cost 49p!

It is a decent shop effort. A good amount of fruit and nut (there is also a version without the nuts) and a good ratio of flakes. And its not too sweet as shop cereals so often are. Not bad at all.

Now these won’t be in the store all the time as they were part of Aldi’s American Tastes promotion. However, they seem to bring in American-themed foods fairly often so if you miss them you might get another chance. Anyway, these were nice, a decent taste of ketchup, not too strong, you get loads in the bag for just over £1. You’ll notice that a lot of the American snacks in Lidl are from a company called Mcennedy.

Now, with this American-inspired drink the theory seems great. White Chocolate flavour Frappe, yum. But shop versions of flavoured coffees tend to result in too much sweetness in my experience, and not enough coffee. These are very low on the coffee front per drink, however I didn’t find them too sweet, it might have helped that they were paired with an unsweetened Soya milk. Nice to have once in a while and they were very reasonable too.

Ah yes, every supermarket likes their own version of Mini Cheddars. These, in my opinion are just as nice and better value for money too! They are not too dry either, I have found that to be one problem with some of the own-brand versions.

Some good dupes from Lidl, the Aldi ones I wanted to mention were their increasing range of Protein bars!

So yes, you might have spotted these in store, and I have reviewed one or two in the past. I am not a big protein bar eater but will have the occasional one. My takeaway from Aldi’s offerings are that its good they are selling them a little less overpriced then the big names in the field, but I wish they would hold off on the artificial sugars.

Anyway they have added a Mint version to their range and I have to say its very nice! Its Mint and Dark Choc, I didn’t find it very chocatey but the mintyness is really nice, quite strong. I generally had nice, minty mouth quite a while after eating it! So that is recommended. And also from Aldi:

Ok these were good! Lovely chunky hopps with a really nice BBQ taste! Its the usual crisp-version-of-beef but it does work well here and with the texture of the crisps, a nice snack treat.

And that concludes today’s roundup!


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