Can You Stop the Rain?

I love soul music. For me, it is the genre that contains some of the best voices, musical arrangements and lyrics in the whole of music. I mean look at this fine example from one of my favourite soul singers, Peabo Bryson.

Peabo has a great voice, and I am not aware of any track he wasn’t behind that I didn’t like, but this one here is probably my favourite. The thing with Peabo is he has such a strong, effortlessly smooth style and vibe to his singing, which probably describes this song and its music video very well: strong, and very smooth! I love the tracks chilled out feeling and for me, this is some of easy listening’s finest sounds.

Baby, can you stop the rain from falling?

Won’t you chase my clouds away?

I’d give anything to see the sun again

Only you can stop these tears from falling

I can’t face another day

Baby, can you stop

Can you stop the rain?

Can You Stop the Rain performed by Peabo Bryson





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