Can You Toast a Hash Brown?

Yes, in the first of the new “Questions You Probably Didn’t Ask This Morning” segment, I asked myself a question this morning:

Can a hash brown be toasted?

The reason for this question was because I, like many other people, started toasting hash browns when we were reminded via a viral facebook post toasting potato waffles was an option.

For a point of reference, I am talking about the below type of hashbrown, and not the American diner-style made with shredded potatoes, although those are also great.

So the answer to “Will it Toast?” Well, it is a “yes” but with caveats. It will, of course, depend on your toaster and settings in terms of how quickly it is cooked, but I needed it to have 4 pops before it was done all the way through. It tasted fine, and my idea was it could be good as a quick snack. I had gotten a bit hungry but it was a bit too early for lunch, you see.

It tasted fine and was cooked all the way through. So I think you can toast a hash brown, but I felt it missed something, and the taste was not quite up to if it had been fried or baked. Not bad though.

Also, don’t play around with toasters it can be dangerous. But hash browns should be OK. And waffles definitely are. Bread works well, too.

Ben xxx





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