šŸ˜™Dark Chocolate

These days many reports published in the news suggest a food to be a ‘Wonder-food’ due to its high count of essential nutrients. Often a week later, they will then be telling us how bad that same product could be for us! But the buzz around dark chocolate and its health benefits seems to of […]

Cafe Romford

The book I am currently reading isĀ Personal aĀ Jack Reacher novel.Ā Ā I have in particular been looking forward to reading this Lee Child’s book as a large part of it is set in Romford.Ā If you do not know, I have spent most of my life in and around this famous town. The reason why I mention the […]

Enjoy Burger King for Cheaper!

#shpSaves Looking for ways to save your cash? Well theshp.net will regularly have just that!Ā  Look out for #shpSaves In view of that old rivalry between McDonalds and Burger KIng, I have never took a die-hard side either way. I think they both do some things better then the other. However if pushed, I’d say […]