ūüėôDark Chocolate

These days many reports published in the news suggest a food to be a ‘Wonder-food’ due to its high count of essential nutrients. Often a week later, they will then be telling us how bad that same product could be for us!

But the buzz around dark chocolate and its health benefits seems to of stayed consistant. Researchers in general seem to agree that dark chocolate could provide these benefits:

  • Protection from Disease-Causing Free Radicals
  • Potential Cancer Prevention
  • Improve Heart Health
  • Good for Overall Cholesterol¬†
  • Improve Cognitive Function
  • Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Aid
  • And that dark chocolate is an Antioxidant-Rich Superfood!

Now I really love me some dark chocolate and I’m always on the hunt for new brands. I heard about a 99% bar from Lindt but haven’t been able to track it down, however in my local Sainsbury’s I found a 100% bar which you can see a taste test for below!

What’s your favourite dark chocolate brand, perhaps you can give me some recommendations?


Cafe Romford

Google Map of Cafes in Romford.

The book I am currently reading is¬†Personal a¬†Jack Reacher novel.¬†¬†I have in particular been looking forward to reading this Lee Child’s book as a large part of it is set in Romford.¬†If you do not know, I have spent most of my life in and around this famous town.

The reason why I mention the above is because I was looking forward to seeing what M.r Reacher would make of our ‘humble’ town and how Lee Child would describe it. Now I am only just a few chapters in, but so far the descriptions of the town are accurate. Lee Child was born in the UK, and likely may of visited good old Romford at some point, and even if he had not, he always does top notch research for his books.

I recently got to a part where Reacher and partner are hungry (‘always eat when you can’) and the food places available in Romford were described as being full of fast food places such as pizza and of course chicken. That is of course very accurate. We can not move without bumping in to a chicken shop in Romford. There are I think even more chicken and chip shops in Romford then Fish and Chip shops. Reacher and partner decide to opt for the pizza option. They do, in another part of the book spend sometime in a cafe, and in my imagination it was one down the high street, a small turning by¬†Maplin. That was just in my imagination and the name was not specified.

Now Reacher fans will know, he loves a good cafe. As an American he likes what they would call a Diner, or perhaps in particular a Greasy Spoon. Now why it is true Romford is full of fast food outlets, it would be a dis-service to the town to just think of it in that way-we have an abundance of great cafes. And, I do hope as the book progresses Reacher explores more of them, as we really have some gems here.

And that is what I thought I’d do. I’ll be featuring content based around the cafes of Romford every so often. Starting with¬†Poppins!

Enjoy Burger King for Cheaper!


Looking for ways to save your cash? Well theshp.net will regularly have just that!  Look out for #shpSaves

In view of that old rivalry between McDonalds and Burger KIng, I have never took a die-hard side either way. I think they both do some things better then the other. However if pushed, I’d say that I prefer some of the food Burger KIng¬†offers, partly down to the fact I much prefer their fries!

I have noticed that many comment that they also prefer Burger King, but find their prices to be a bit more expensive then MccyD’s. Sometimes I think I would agree, other times I think McDonalds is slightly more pricey (look at their Nuggets for example, although admittedly MD’s taste much better!)

McDonalds Meal
Currently McDonalds do not seem to offer any kind of Voucher Apps like Burger King, if they want to compete, may be a smart move to do so.

What I’m sure many of us will agree on: the idea of being able to have Burger King for a cheaper price is an attractive one! And so the King have won this round by having an app that allows cheaper deals!

Download the official Burger King app from either Android or Apple as it gives some genuine great deals. Oh and sorry for now making you very hungry at this moment!

OK, so I have been using the Burger King app for a couple of months now. I have experienced no glitches or fails of any sort with it thus far. I know experience with apps can depend on the operating version and phone you are currently rocking (for reference I have my trusty Note 4 running this app). Update: A fair few people on their systems seem to be having some issues with it not running smoothly, up until recently. Also watch out some branches do not seem to accept the app’s vouchers which is a real shame, I was lucky my local does.

The app is basically used to provide virtual vouchers for your visits to the fast food giant. When you open up the app you will usually be greeted with whatever particular product is the main focus of promotion.

Burger King Home App Screen

So you have a couple of options, we’ll focus on the Vouchers section.

Click Vouchers, and you can see all the current offers that are available, at the moment I have nineteen, so its not just one or two offered. And they regularly top your account up with more (you should get a notification when they do).

All you do to use your chosen voucher is select it, you’ll be notified that once you continue it’ll last 15 minutes, and then show the code to whoever is serving you.

Burger King Voucher App

These are genuine good deals that’ll make your next BK even better value. If¬† the cold weather is not cold enough why not have a Sundae for 50p (in fairness they were offering this in our glorious Summer)? Regular fries for 50p? 99p for 9 nuggets? They have proper meal deals too, for example for just ¬£2.49 you could get a Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Small Fries and a Sundae. Lunch or tea for a bit better value, eh?

Burger King Voucher Screen

Or some vouchers could provide enough to feed two for lunch such as £4.99 getting you a King Chicken, Double Bacon Cheeseburger, Regular Fries and Drink.

So, as long as the app works on your phone, in my opinion its well worth downloading as you should get some tasty savings.