Back Back

Before I was back. Now I’m Back Back. As in not going out. Going Out Out.

Oh yes, i mentioned I’d be gone from updating this website for a bit, and just doing my posts on my social media channels why I sorted a few bits out. Then I had to repeat that same process, and now I’m back again! I did not attend it to be quite so long, but here I am, this time you will find a continues stream of new content most days.

I look forward to sharing what I have instore for you, and hopefully getting some much-appreciated feedback from your lovely selfs.

Until very soon,

Take care, and treat everyone like you have the hots for them. Or something like that.


Ben Stuart of Stuffhere Projects

2018 The Plan

I’m about to take a Christmas break, so expect less new content on this site until just after Christmas. When I return, I’ll be more then doubling the content amounts that 2017 saw, as I expand on what 2017 brought to Stuffhere Projects!

Please note, the Stuffhere Projects store Thrifty P will of course continue to operate as normal, and if you order before the 19th December delivery is still guaranteed to reach you in time for Christmas Day!

All other services offered by Stuffhere Projects still remain active.


When I do return with more content, a fair amount will be focused on plans for 2018, including from a business perspective but also from a more personal one.

I’m not just thinking about literal plans here; plans for holidays, plans of what to buy, project plans etc. But plans from an inner place, if you catch my drift. How I am going to try and develop myself and apply that through all the more literal things I hope to be doing such as the various projects.

But for now, I want to thank you so much for you company and support in 2017 and wish you all A Very Merry Christmas and the Best New Year Yet!





I had been thinking for a while now about doing some Podcasts. I had a number of subjects I had been wanting to get down, and I think some of them would suit the format of a podcast. For now I’ll upload them to YouTube and in time I might look for pure podcast websites and upload them their too.

So the subjects for the podcasts? Well, I have quite a few! Some might just be random-ish ‘whatever-is-on-my-mind-at-the-time’ (that’s a scary prospect) type of thing. But some will be on going series’-most of which will tie in with my Ongoing Projects.

I’m not sure which series will be uploaded first, but it will likely be one related to #gainingXP, like my #vocalChance series.

Updates will be added here as and when new editions are uploaded. Love to have you on board, and love  to have your feedback.

Until next time,



Welcome to Stuffhere Projects’ new website. My name is Ben Stuart and I am the CEO for Stuffhere Projects LTD. This is the main site for my projects on both a personal level and of course the projects of Stuffhere Projects.

I’ll be uploading new content most days; it will be a mix of creative content based on subjects and themes that interest me, as well as the Ongoing Projects that I have adapted to being part of my everyday routine! These projects will use a variety of mediums such as music, written word, video, etc etc. They will very often utilise and link up with the many different social media platforms that Stuffhere Projects uses.

Any way I’ll let you get on with whatever it is you were doing, but I’d love for you to visit again every now and then and join me for whatever comes next!

Bye for now,