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  • The Stuffotium Recommends: Warhammer Champions TCG

    With a Warhammer film on its way, starting Warhammer enthusiast Henry Cavill, I thought I’d drop a recommendation for any Warhammer fans who haven’t played Warhammer Champions before. Because it’s a really solid game and fun to collect too. Over the years there have been various Warhammer trading card game sets released-the concept of Warhammer…

  • Pokémon: Gotta Repack ’em all!!!!

    Pokémon: Gotta Repack ’em all!!!!

    Find out more about Pokemon Repacks and how great value they can work out from The Stufforium!

  • Book Review: Many Rivers To Cross by Peter Robinson

    Published: 2019 The 26th book in the hit DCI Banks series. I have very much enjoyed the DCI Banks books since M.r Robinson wrote his first, all those years ago. I have not read them all yet, but seek them out whenever I can. It’s one of those series’ that I feel I will enjoy…