Lidl + Review:

Does Aldi have Stiff Competition? #thriftyp ThriftyP | Facebook In the form of Lidl? Well, it has competition in the form of all the other supermarkets, but in terms of my personal “No.1 Supermarket” spot! Yes, I am a convert to Aldi regarding the big supermarkets in the UK. Of course, it’s not perfect; its… Continue reading Lidl + Review:

Album in My Spotlight

Bridge of Spies by T’Pau For ‘Album in My Spotlight’ I will share what a specific album means to me! This album was: Produced by Roy Thomas Baker Engineering and mixing by Jerry Napier Carol Decker – vocals Ronnie Rogers – guitars Tim Burgess – drums, percussion Michael Chetwood – keyboards Paul Jackson – bass Taj… Continue reading Album in My Spotlight

Hi again!

This is a quick ‘Hi’ to say I should be back posting regular content on tbis blog in the next few days. Long story short, had a big move to make not too lomg ago, so been focusing on that. I now look forward to sharing regular content with you once again. Ben x

Walk-in Shower Benefits

Deciding to opt for a walk-in shower or not is one of those home design choices it becomes easy to obsess over. There are of course pros and cons to both sides of the argument. I’m just going to share a few thoughts here that highlight some of the pros: Creates more space Because of… Continue reading Walk-in Shower Benefits