The Power of Oates? Eastenders Next Producer

The EastEnders title card

Yesterday news was confirmed that many EastEnders fans have been hoping for-Kate Oates is to join as the new producer! This is exciting news for fans of the soap who may feel that the BBC’s flagship soap has been lacking these last couple of years in some department or another. Oates has a big soap… Continue reading The Power of Oates? Eastenders Next Producer

Become Your True Selfie!

I was confused about a title of a This Morning video in my YouTube feed, today. After watching though, I understood the story, and its an interesting one. It raises some points that are certainty worth giving thought to, in this modern age. I was trying to work out how you could make yourself more… Continue reading Become Your True Selfie!

Sod’s Law?

Are you on the path of Sod's Law?

Sod’s Law aka Murphy’s Law is a prospect I have always been interested in. First of all in case you are unfamiliar with the concept, Sod’s Law is the idea that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Now I will take a guess that you have felt that way at least a few… Continue reading Sod’s Law?