‘Cheap’ Stuff Asda & Lidl

thriftyP time and a roundup of some more money-saving items.

The ‘cheap’ in the tile found itself in quotation marks due to the fact that these days even the so-called cheap range isn’t that cheap!

Still, savings can be made if you find something you like. Let’s start with the cornflakes from Lidl.

Cornflakes by Lidl 500g for 69p

Cornflakes have always been a cheap-yet kinda satisfying option for me. I couldn’t eat them too often but on occasion with ice-cold whole milk they hit the spot. Its 69p a box and you will get quite a few servings from it. And yeah they are pretty much your standard cornflake-eating experience. I mean do you really need to pay a couple of pounds for Kellogg’s? If it’s really your preference then fair enough. If not save yourself some dosh.

Medium Roast Instant Coffee by Asda 99p for 100g

The instant coffee next. It’s from Asda and it’s from their cheapo range that the media made a big drama out of for not much reason at all. Nothing unusual in them doing that. Anyway, I’m not a big instant coffee drinker, I prefer freshly ground beans, however if I am having an early morning coffee my grounder is too noisy to operate, so instant is handy, and I like to have some for any guests they may risk coming round. Asda are charging 99p for 100g. Its a medium roast and it’s pretty much standard instant coffee-again should hit what your looking for. Its probably a little better then a few instant coffees I have had in the past.

30 Classic Flavour Crisps by Lidl £3.99

Back tp Lidl for their cheap range of crisps, you can get this big bag of 30 for 3.99. And in my opinion, they are as good as Walkers. The cheese and onion I think are as nice as Golden Wonder c&o which I always thought was even nicer then Walker’s version. The salt and vinegar is nice as is Ready Salted, and I like the Prawn Cocktail a lot. Really good value. I have seen Walkers being sold for £2.99 for 6 packets in some supermarkets and again, unless you really must have the big brand, I’m pretty sure Lidl’s offering is either as nice or better!

6 Pack Assorted Maize Snacks by Asda 89p

Finally, back to Asda and their assorted snack mix, maize edition. Let’s cut to the chase, for the price and taste it’s good. Onion rings nice, salt sticks good, cheesy puffa satisfying..But you get so few in the packets, especially the onion rings, I’m deducting some points. I’m needing two packets so I’m not saving as much money.

i haven’t shopped at Asda in ages, but recently made a couple of online shops. Its good to see they do some good offers, like some of their mix and match offers are decent. And yes they offer a bit more choice then Lidl. But have to say value is still won by Lidl between the two for me.





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