Designing a logo: A few tips.

Having a great logo representing a business is important and often takes a lot of hard work to get right. Afterall, a good logo can help consumers form a bond with a brand. A logo can be so in sync with a brand it doesn’t need words. This logo, for instance:

I would like to share some tips I have gained through my years of business and looking for the “perfect logo” The thing with me is I am better at the ideas then the actual design so I work with taleted individuals for that. As well as my own company needs, I co-design logos with various expert logo designers for a range of clients. If you require a high-quality logo for a great price send us a message and we can get the ball rolling for you. If you are going to take on the designing task yourself I hope these tips may help. If you have your own tips, please do share in the comments below!

Start simple…

Like with drawing in general, if you think up and try to design an intricate logo straight off the bat it can be tricky. But striping back and adding layer by layer, fleshing out detail bit by bit, can make things easier.

……and maybe keep it that way!

If you have a simple logo that works, don’t feel you have to keep adding to it to make it less simple. If it works as it is you may allready have the perfect design. It can just be too tempting to keep adding to a design to try and improve it but sometimes less really is more! If your gimmick (perhaps because it suits the brand) really is to construct something with more layers, then by all means go for it. People do love a clever logo. Just remember there is a place for more simpler designs, too.

Tell a story

A logo should mean something, and what is more important then the story of how your brand came to be!

Sometimea it can be very clear how a logo reflects the story of the business, other times to see it, it has to be worked for. But using your logo to tell a story is a great move. It could be down to an image, or a certaint fpnt choice or even choice of colours. The logo can be constructed to help tell people what your brand stands for, too.

Think about how you use space

If you are keeping your logo simple, white space can especially suit. But be careful having too much white space-sometimes it does no favours. Judge the right amount of white (or coloured space) carefully. Volume of space changes the look of a logo a lot. You can use the space wisely by having it add something to the main logo area (think the hidden arrow in the FedEx design).

Make sure it works everywhere

Sometimes a logo may look great on a white background but not work on a coloured one. It may look good on paper but not on a computer screen. Perhaps it just doesn’t suit your webpage or social media, as good as the logo is. However, you can tinker the design for each format or have different versions of the logp that work for each situation.

Be Unique

It will be a huge faux pas to have a logp too similar to an existing one. I have mentioned above about keeping it simple, but you can still add a flair of uniqueness even if you are, otherwise it could be hard to identify the brand. Consider the styling of any imagery used, or the font. A font can make a logo so much more striking.

Right, that is all from me, if you are trying to dream up a great logo, it can be stressful as you work to get it right, but try to have fun and that may help to increase your creativity! There are some great logo designing resources out there so absorb all you can!


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