Pathway at Dagenham Central Park

Sod’s Law?

Sod’s Law aka Murphy’s Law is a prospect I have always been interested in.

First of all in case you are unfamiliar with the concept, Sod’s Law is the idea that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Now I will take a guess that you have felt that way at least a few times in life, likely many-I know I have!

I remember first hearing Sod’s Law being used in an expression around my Junior school era. I heard kids commenting that something was Sod’s Law and I think they roughly understood the general meaning of the term, as did I.

Now you could point out that Sod’s Law, like the concept of luck, might be something that actually does not exist. We just relate the concept to our lives but it is all just the way things happened to plan out. If something does meet the Sod’s Law standard it is just a coincidence. Perhaps, the only way it exists is how we have made it in to a thing of such, but there are no higher powers at work, or fate, or anything we can not physically see, that cause it.

And it is a law you definitely can not use as your defence in court (‘Judge, it was Sod’s Law I happen to see him leave his keys in the car……’

Pathway at Dagenham Central Park
Are you on the path of Sod’s Law?

Sod’s Law just seems like such an actual thing, by the frequency that something unfolds in that typical way we could see happening. We seem so use to it we often predict it ‘I bet if I buy this item, it will be in next weeks sale……’

There are so many examples of Sod’s Law at work. Sailing through traffic on a day we do not need to get anywhere fast. And of course it will rain if we leave our umbrella at home. Take a look at the below pin for a more deeper example:

My current belief is that like with luck there is no Sod’s Law. I do think that things can so typically play out a certain way it would seem like they are following a pattern, a rule. But I think down to the large chances of certain events happening, there was always a good chance they would turn out that way, there are a lot of factors that would cause that result.

I think we should not let Sod’s Law prevent us from anything. We may anticipate it, but our best form of defence would be to work our way around it as it presents itself. We might not be able to stop so called Sod’s Law, but like with life in general its how we react against the factors that we can choose.

It is however, Sod’s Law that I’ll forget that the next time it occurs, and I would put that down to a certain rule……


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