Doctor Who: New Doctor, A Few Quick Thoughts!

First up, there is a nice impact of surprise here. Out of all the suggested names the new Doctor could be, I didn’t see Ncuti Gatwa’s. And I like that surprise element. Sometimes its more fun if one of the names that kept getting thrown out isn’t picked, and we have a name we hadn’t even thought of (unless you did have Ncuti’s, in which case fair play to you).

Also, having watched every season of Sex Education so far, in terms of acting ability, I know we are in safe hands. I haven’t seen Ncuti in any other shows or films but I have heard he is known to deliver a great performance each time.

By MTV International on YouTube – Netflix’s Sex Education Cast Play 2 Truths & A Lie & Talk Sex Scenes | MTV Movies, CC BY 3.0,

I don’t know what this news will mean in relation to that persistent rumour that David Tennant would be re-joining-perhaps it was just a rumour and nothing with substance, or it could be happening as part of a multiple doctors event storyline, especially considering we have the BBC’s celebratory events coming later this year.

More about what direction this latest version of Doctor Who will be taking, and indeed what Ncuti’s take will be like, should start to appear over the coming months, but I look forward to hopefully a refreshed, excellent era of Doctor Who! One which now has a certain ‘T Davis’ at the helm. Oh, and Danny Dire is not the new Doctor then.





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