Dream Diary #1

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Every so often, I might share a dream or two. I find them to be one of the most fascinating phenomenon we have in life.

Here are two very different dreams to start you off, they certainly offer an insight into the randomness of things:

The Time Natalie Cassidy had a hit with Eminem

According to Dreamland, a song called I’ll Be Your Tears’ was released by none other then Eminem and Natalie Cassidy. Sometimes I have to do a Google and see if something in my dream did actually happen, however this was not necessary here. I mean maybe Natalie can sing, but as her character Sonia in Eastenders the only musical endeavour she is known for his her trumpet playing.

I can’t now hear the song in my head, but just after having the dream I remember thinking it was a good tune! But neither vocalist sounded like either supposed song artist. And interesting to have Eminem as a singer rather then rapper as is his usual thing (though I have a feeling he probably can sing).

The Next Nintendo Console Revealed to me!

I dreamed (Nintendo presumably) were announcing the ‘N64 8’. It was an announcement on the front of gaming magazine. Interestingly, N64 8 woulld actually be the righr number for Nintendo’s next

Of course, this is classic Dreamland nonsense, in that they would not be bringing back the N64 name to a new console, because it’s very unlikely their next home console will be 64 bit, how it got its name! It would be funny if it was though, the internet would probably collapse within an hour.

Any dreams you would like to share? Until next time,

Ben x


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