Dubai’s Fascinating Activities #1

There are many reasons why I would like to visit Dubai. For instance, have you heard about the country’s modern spin on the traditional sport of camel racing?That’s right camel racing takes place with robot jockeys!

The robots are controlled via remote controls, something which has been going on since 2004.

So how did this come about? It’s due to accusations of human rights violations based on golf countries using children as jockeys. With robots there can be no human exploitation. Dubai is a member of the UAE who have forbidden human jockeys. Since the change to robot jockeys, camel racing remains a milti-million dollar industry. This is a great example of using modern technology to prevent an issue and also creating such a modern spin on a very old sport! Do the camels enjoy the racing? I hope so otherwise that’s another issue, maybe they should go the whole way and have robot jockeys racing robot camels? Now that I would definitely like to see!


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