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Is Microsoft Rewards Worth It?

With everything I review, I always try very hard to think about all the different situations where the subject in question could be helpful for someone. I am very careful in not saying something is completely useless unless it really seems to provide no value. With Microsoft Rewards, if you haven’t already guessed, which I bet you have, you are not going to get rich or earn loads of great prizes every month. As you can see from the above breakdown, there are limits on how many points you can earn each day. But then you are only searching, so if you use it to search when you would anyway the points slowly add up. Plus they offer a couple of other nice little activities using their search engine to earn points, such as answering quizzes and playing word-based games. They will pile on a few hundred more points when you reach certain milestones too. I think for the average user it will take a good few months before you have enough to cash out on even the lowest reward, like a £5 gift card. But there are quite a few tasks and other ways each day to rack up points, and it’s not too time-consuming, plus it is completely free. And if you remember to take part in it most days, it won’t take too long to earn enough points for a nice little reward. Instead of saving up for vouchers or other physical Microsoft branded products, you can also earn sweepstakes which only cost a few points.

Overall, I recommend that anyone who sounds interested by the Microsoft Rewards program, and thinks they will have time to take part in its short daily exercises, gives it at least a little try. There is a good chance you may end up staying with it. Until next time Take Care, and look out for more money-saving, freebie hunting, earning opportunities from #thriftyP posts. And if this is your kind of bag, why not visit the official #thriftyP facebook page: www.facebook.com/thriftypshop

*Update 21/04/2020 By the way, your 3 points per search, includes search results presented to you by Bing, for example trending articles.

*Update 29/04/2020 Redeemed my first reward, a £5 Argos e-voucher, which was sent very soon after ordering. Something I like is if you complete all the tasks on the Microsoft Rewards page each day, you start a chain for a bonus of 75 points after just a few days. It helps to rack them points up.

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