eBay Expressions UK Launches

A community for sellers to give eBay itself some feedback for a change!

If you are an eBay seller in the UK you might be interested to know of the eBay Expressions Uk launch if you haven’t already received an invitation.

First of all, if eBay are genuinely trying to make a greater effort to listen to their sellers I am very happy. eBay has had its strengths as a platform but we know its weaknesses too. There are times when I have walked away from the platform due to its issues, which in my experience have mostly been centered around buyers trying to pull a fast one, and eBay effectivily making it easy for them to do so. Sellers need better protection. Buyers need to be protected from sellers of course, it works both ways and I am sure many of us have been conned by a dogy seller on eBay. But as a seller myself, I am focusing on the selling aspect, and we defintnley still need more improvements to made for a smoother and fairer experience.

So yes, today I received an invitation to join eBay Expressions UK, and I signed straight up. When you reach the homepage you have a very simple and clear setup.

You can visit a news section where you can read and comment on the latest eBay seller news. And there is a section for activities, which at the moment there are not any active. It will be interesting to see what these involve once the community is more up and running. There is a section explaining what the site is about, which I probably should have read first, but never do with these things. I have just given it a read and it explains what the community is about, including thatt the activities section will feature online interviews, discussions such as focus groups etc (presumably unpaid!)

You will probably notice that the lovely smilling face of a ‘Teresa Faccas’ keeps popping up, she is a member of the admin team and I am guessing will be posting future updates on the pages. I wonder if Teresa or someone else will be responding to comments too, as although I know the hub has only just opened but there are already a lot of comments on articles and so far no replies. Hopefully eBay will use this space to engage with its users very soon.

*Update* I think eBay Expressions is for buyers as well as sellers, looking at some of the posts by members, so its good both bases are being covered.


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  1. Knowing eBay, it will be unpaid. However, they could extend some money off of selling fees for their participants, but again, knowing eBay they most likely won’t.

    1. Yes, so far it seems to be unpaid, it would be good if they offered some incentive program which could encourage people to take part and be rewarded for their time.

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