Davina Michelle photo taken from her cover of Pink's Beautiful Trauma.

Featured Artist: Davina Michelle

One of my favourite artists at the moment, who I eagerly await her latest cover on YouTube, is a young lady called Davina Michelle.

Davina can definitely sing, there is no doubt about that. All of her performances have been great, she hits both high and low notes beautifully, has great delivery, with a lovely smokey, sultry tone to her voice, giving her own trademark to her covers.

I feel she adds a lot of personality and style to her songs, which is perhaps sometimes an underrated consideration in a performance.

Image of Davina Michelle from her Relove video.
Glad to see someone loves Autumn as much as me!

Davina only joined YouTube and began sharing her music in February of 2017, but rightly she has already received millions of views and thousands of followers. Her cover of a Pink song was even featured when Pink was commenting on peoples covers-and lovely that you could tell she genuinely loved it too! Have a look at the video below, Davina is the first featured artist. This is amazing also for Davina who is a big Pink fan (as may I add, am I).

She really does do an incredible cover, but it is not all about covers. She has also been putting her own tracks out as well, with her Relove. I really like the concept and vibe of this, which was interestingly an inspired reaction to Pink’s What About Us.



As Pink said, this lady needs to be signed.

Have a look at Davina Michelle’s Content For Yourself:

www.davinamichelle.com www.instagram.com/davina_michelle_music


https://itunes.apple.com/nl/artist/davina-michelle/1243047841 Be part of my adventure, x Davina http://www.davinamichelle.com


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