Football’s Coming to The Stufforium!

In the form of classic trading cards.

Did you collect football cards growing up? Or perhaps you collect them now. I am not a hardcore football person, but I do enjoy the game and follow the world events.

Regardless, I have always enjoyed collecting football trading cards in many forms. Two long-running series are Match Attax and Shootout, ones I collected as a kid. I was hoping to have some in stock to sell this year, inspired by the Women’s Euro games and the upcoming World Cup. I have sourced some Shoot Out cards to sell, and look to obtain some Match Attax within the next few weeks too. So, if you are interested in buying some football singles, see The Stufforium ebay shop.

Even though I don’t have the greatest football knowledge, very far from it, I always enjoyed collecting the cards, and I can tell you why. Basically, I love the stats. And just like Pokemon, F1 trading cards, baseball or Yu-Gi-Oh, they all have in common the stats. Because of course, that is how the game element of a trading card is made, playing off the stats against each other. And just like the other collections, football cards have different characters to collect, and different versions such as holos and autographed editions.

They used to always be one of the more pocket-money-friendly trading card collections, however like with everything prices have gone up over the years. But they are overall still a more reasonable collection to start.

As for the actual Match Attax and Shootout games themselves? Well, I liked the way Shootout had you picking out players for each position on the field, competing against the other player, with results based on your player’s stats. It was a clever way to replicate the beautiful game in trading card form! And they had their striking yellow card back design. And Match Attax will also have you comparing stats on the cards, and uses the same model which can be found with many different franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel, with the rules and format being the same.

Best football trading card set? Let me know in the comments below!

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