For those worried about the state of live music…

I guess we often see the comments, maybe you even make them! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m talking about comments suggesting live music performances are not as good as they used to be. But, and I bloody love many classic live performances, I do think there are plenty in our current crop of active artists who can, and do, deliver a great live performance!

I’m not going to list all of them in this post. And I am not saying the videos I have added are the only examples or that they alone will ‘save’ live music. No, these are just some of my favourite examples I have been watching over and over in the last couple of weeks. Personally, I think live music is in some very good (mouths) hands.

Firstly, in case you missed it, this electric cover of the brilliant Pet Shop Boys track It’s A Sin. I hardly ever witness PSB’s songs being covered, and perhaps it’s because their material is so uniquely them. But if you are going to attempt a cover you need to do it in style like this 2021 Brit Awards Years and Years/Elton John offering. It starts off brilliant with Elton’s playing and Ollie’s vocal is flawless. Brilliant stuff.

Now, The Weekend is just exceptional when it comes to live performances and there are so many examples I could use. It’s his voice along with some very creative choreography. Lately, I have really been into Save Your Tears and love this performance-let’s also here it for the drivers!

In the last few days we were also treated to this, and its a lovely duet with Arianna. And her whistle…beautiful and it seemed so effortless!

What are your favourite recent live performances?






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