#GainingXP: Learning Chess & Battling with the ‘Mon.

Well, learning to play Chess is something I have always wanted to do. I mean I have had a few games with friends and family but overall my sessions have been only occasional and so the rules become forgotten. And of course, when it comes to Chess, there are a lot of rules!

With this in mind, I thought I would begin my quest to learn Chess and keep it up.. However, I am going to combine it with another passion of mine: Video Games!!

Oh yes, there have been many, and I mean many versions of Chess on both home consoles and computers throughout the years. Many of them were named after famous chess champion. A few months back I picked up a chess game from a charity shop, I can’t remember the exact price but I think it was £1. This game is for the original DS and it’s called ChessMaster: The Art Of Learning. ‘The Art Of Learning’ is exactly what I’m after! I’ll let you know how I do, as I pursue Chess any many different ways.

I have plenty of other DS games on the go, in fact, I go through my whole catalogue from time to time (there are still some titles I’m trying to track down, perhaps I’ll draw up a list for a future post). Today I have been playing some Pokémon White, I agree with many who state this is perhaps one of the best-storylined games in the franchise.

Are you currently playing any Nintendo DS? If so, what games? Maybe you are a chess player, and have some tips for me?






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