Green Cafe-16 Eccleston St London

Done a bit of travelling the othher day, and as much as I try and bring plenty of snacks for a journey-to save money and make sure I have access to what I really want-sometimes I just need a full meal inside of me!

So, my partner and I visited The Green Cafe today, neither of us have been before. We were looking to probably have a cooked breakfast but wanted to see what else was on the menu.

They had a lot ot the usual suspects (lasagne,  kebabs, omelettes, burgers) but in the end we both opted for a full English. We had quite a long journey ahead, so we  wanted to give ourselves the best chance of not getting to hungry too quick. And don’t you find travelling makes you so hungry?

Photo from Yell

Anyway,  I ordered set 3 breakfast as I really wanted black pudding, which I got along with a larger-then-average sausage (don’t hashtag that), fried egg (cooked how I like it), decent amount of beans and mushrooms, plus bacon cooked also to my preference (not under done). This came with x2 slices of nicely buttered toast and x1 fried bread. A tea or coffee was included in the price. The price for that lot was, and I forgot to make a note so apologies if its a few pence out, around £8.60. Which for central London is not bad at all!

Well not bad if the food and drink is good and thankfully it was. It hit the spot. And kept us full for a decent amount of time before the snacking had to commence once again! I enjoyed my meal and coffee and it was nice to have service with a smile

Both the gentlemen and lady who’s name I didn’t get were very friendly and accommodating. The place seemed clean with a fair few small tables inside and a couple outside.  If you wete travelling with a big suitcase and bags you might find it a bit of a squeeze, but we just about had enough room at a front table.

There is only one criticism and its the loo situation! If you need to spend some extra pennies you’ll need to walk down a smalll staircase, through the kitchen and out into a yard. Its only a short walk but the bathroom is not looking it great shape, the door lock wasn’t very good and on my visit the toliet wasn’t flushing so that wasn’t too nice. This is the only thing I would say they needed to urgently sort.

Overall, a decent, friendly and reasonable cafe which me and my partner both agreed we would return to again. Its in an idea place if you are coming to or leaving Victoria Train or Coach Station. Next time I will make sure to take plenty of photos when I review a cafe, this time you will have to take my word that it did look good!





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