Grid Autosport Mobile Review

Released 26th Nov 2019 (UK) Last Updated 15th June 22. Playing on Google Pixel 6A
Purchase price (as of writing) £8.88*(see thriftyP tip after review!)

So I have been playing this game for a while now and overall I am a big fan. I love the series over on the home consoles and this does a great job of bringing things to the small screen, giving you a solid racing game when out and about, or jus to settle down with at home.

Plenty to Keep You Busy

There have been plenty of updates for this game to keep an active community busy as you progress through the career stages, indulge in quick single event rounds or go head to head in multiple mode.

As you would expect from this series there are numerous cars, upgrades and tracks and you don’t have to spend lots of extra money to progress or unlock a decent amount of content.


The handling of the vehicles is something that can be tricky to get right to please everyone, particularly on the mobile platform. I now find on this game it works well, however it did take some getting used to. When mobile gaming I generally prefer tilt controls if it’s a racer which Grid supports, but unlike other games they don’t keep the steering arrows on screen, and for some reason I tend to find that helpful and I have heard others say the same. I haven’t tried without tilt controls but have heard it’s the same.situation with no guiding arrows present.But overall I think the handling is very good and I have adjusted to the gameplay.


it’s a joy to play for a superb adrenaline rush-it is a spot-on mobile racing experience. The music adds to the speedy thrills, with all of.the courses and modes all being well executed. The graphics are very good too, just what you would hope for really.

For a solid racing experience, especially good when your on the go, and one that will hopefully recieve upgrades for a good while to come, this is a great choice.

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