Happy National Fish and Chips Day!

If you are in the UK it just so happens to be the official Fish and Chips Day. It falls on a Friday, which may well not be a coincidence, as traditionally in the UK, Friday is often a day when families have a Fish and Chips takeaway. You’ll notice that the chippies are a little more full on a Friday evening than any other day. So, not like I needed an excuse to have some Fish and Chips, but I thought I’d have some anyway on this special day. However, as I am engaged in some home-based work, I can not for the moment go out and get any F&C’s. However, have no fear, due to advancements in technology/laziness you can of course order from your phone. So I ordered from one of my locals, a chip shop, well titled called Nemo’s Plaice. Now I have eaten from here before, but only their homemade burger and chips (which was nice), this will be my first fish and chips.

Nemo’s Plaice Review

Ordering from JustEat then, and there was one small snag, they do not deliver until after 5pm, and it was only just gone 2pm, but I could order and collect, and as the person, I was waiting in for was still a couple of hours away, I thought why not. JustEat said my order would be ready at 2 50pm, but it ended up being ready at 2.36pm.
If you have never used JustEat before, it updates as soon as the order is ready to be collected/delivered on the app screen. thriftyP tip: Make your JustEat order through a cashback site such as TopCashback. So, off I trotted to collect my order. I went for a small haddock and chips with mushy peas and a buttered roll. Normally, I have my own rolls so just use them but was fresh out today. My total order came to 11.60. All prices were pretty typical of the average Essex chip shop. Mushy peas were a bit more than I usually pay, but it was a fair size container. I thought at first I got fewer chips then you would normally get in a portion, but it might be because they are in a box rather then wrapped up in paper it appears that way. And to be honest, even if there were less, look at the size of them, nice chunky chips. The chips are cooked nice, not that crispy on the outside, but still nice, and they have a nice flavour. Good chips. The haddock was the small selection too, but this is more than a good enough size, the large must have been pretty large!
The fish inside was well cooked, not overcooked so it was dry and not undercooked so it had been under-fried. It was tasty and cooked to a nice standard. You want enough fish in the batter, and the fish to batter ratio was good. The batter was a good thickness and had a nice taste, which I think was largely down to the nice tasting oil they had used. And the mushy peas were nice too, and a good size also. Overall, this was a generous sized portion for a ‘small’, filled me up nicely and I can eat a lot of fish and chips! All in all, this was a good box of fish and chips. Extra points are given for friendly and warm service from the cooks. Also, it took me about 5 minutes there and back to collect my order, and when I got it home and made a cup of tea, it was still piping hot, so very pleased with that. If you are in Elm Park, Nemo’s Plaice is definitely a good choice. Looking at their online review pages, it looks like many people agree.


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