Have you got a side hustle for your Side Hustle?

Today I was going to continue my journey seeing how much money I can make as a Uber Eats Courier in Swindon. I got up early to try and get a head start on things but the weather put that on hold.

I don’t mind cycling in a bit of rain, taking all necessary precautions, however, this is heavy rain and strong winds which combine to make a hazardous environment, and that is before you take into account trying to pull off perfectly conditioned food arriving at the customer’s door!

And this is why I will instead be working on another side hustle until the weather improves, Uber Eats and the like are weather-permitting jobs. This is first and foremost due to the safety aspect, but also because you will likely not receive enough work during the bad weather periods, or so my understanding and experiences have led me to believe. You might think people will order more when its bad weather to save them from having to go out to get something, and that can be the case, but I have seen it stated by a Uber Eats spokesperson that in bad weather they limit the distance a courier can drive between a restaurant and a customer so that requested deliveries will cover a much smaller range. The spokesperson said this is done for safety reasons.

So, I guess this post is just a reminder that you might want to have a backup plan if you set out to work, really need to make some money on that day, but the weather prevents things. Perhaps you have some items at home to sell, some freelance writing gigs waiting for attention, or maybe seize it as the perfect chance to catch up on some blogging. It could also be the time to mine some crypto, create video content for TikTok or YouTube, or design comic book covers. Whatever it is, have something to do that isn’t messed up when bad weather rears its head!

And yes, I know we have a weather forecast that can help us plan, but I strongly suggest that can only be used as a guide. Heavy rain was not scheduled for this morning on the two different resources I checked yesterday, and speaking of yesterday, I got caught out in a very heavy downpour whilst waiting for UE jobs, and guess what, that wasn’t scheduled either.

As Annie Lennox almost sang “Here Come the Rain Again, Find Another Way to Make Money, Ben”.





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