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Highway Feeling

A few days before the pandemic began to peak in the United Kingdom, I experienced one of the best feelings I had ever had in a dream…in fact, it was one of the most amazing feelings I had ever had anywhere.

The thing is, explaining this one will be difficult because feelings can be hard to put into words at the best of time, and this one was unlike anything I am even sure how to match words with. Furthermore, this was on a level I had not experienced ever before, whilst asleep or awake. The only way I think I can try and explain it, and hopefully, you will catch my drift, is to compare it with things that people typically might. For example, I think someone might say that if they were to be ‘touched by an Angel’ you know to experience some kind of warmth that they are said to give off, this is what it would feel like. And that would actually kind of make sense. Because I know angels are the cause for this, but not in the way you might think.

By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4006314

Highway to Heaven was a TV series that ran from September 19, 1984 to August 4, 1989. 5 seasons were aired, with 111 episodes in total created. The two stars at the forefront of every episode were Michael Landon and Victor French. Landon played Jonathan Smith who was a man named Arthur during his original stint on Earth. He becomes a probationary angel that is sent back to Earth to help people in need. During the first episode, he meets Mark Gordon played by French and together the two of them set upon the ‘assignments’ given to them by God.

Many of you will have seen this classic show. It was a solid ratings performer for many years in a number of countries, and many appreicated the strong morals and good nature that Michael Landon (who wrote, produced and directed the show) inserted throughout Highway to Heaven’s run. I vaguely remembered watching it as a kid, but not very clearly. Sometime last year, when I was looking for the next series to binge watch on Netflix, the show popped up in my recommendations.

I thought I would be interested to see it again after all of these years. I soon got into it. A well-made show, with so much heart, humour, drama and even some grit. Good acting to help sell the stories. As mentioned they made over 100 episodes. So every day or so for quite a while I watched one episode, some days a couple.

The night of my dream I had watched some earlier in the day, so it really wasn’t surprising that at night I had a dream that featured angels-especially as it was featuring the actual angel of the very show! I don’t remember anything about what I was doing, but I know Michael Landon featured, I’m assuming in character as the angel. Maybe I was meant to be helping them out on their assignment (maybe I had assumed Victor’s role?) I don’t know. Whatever the narrative of the dream was, it was here I had that feeling.

Sure, as I have admitted I had been watching the show, so it is not surprising I might dream about angels, and have a ‘great feeling’ because it was such a positive programme. Maybe the feeling that I experienced was some kind of enhancement of the positive vibes, given off by the context of the show. This is not me feeling the need to try and pass this off as having some kind of ‘visitation’ from angels, or something spiritual, holy or even god-like. No, I know why I dreamed what I did, it was from watching the show, that is clear. Ditto, why I felt what I did. So nothing special here right-it all adds up?

Except for none of the above needs to change or take away how amazing the feeling was. I can’t remember what took part before or after in my dream when I had the feeling. So I am fuzzy about its context. But the feeling was so strong that I felt it for days after, and just thinking about it now I can still feel it. It is amazing to me that the body is capable of experiencing something like it. Yes, maybe it was because of the super-relaxed state our bodies can be in whilst asleep. Just a very strong manifestation, there will be some kind of scientific explanation. But that doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change the amazing feeling.


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