How about…a Fivesquid app?

As you may know, I offer my writing and proofreading services on Fivesquid. It is a fast and effective way to serve customers, and I also buy the services from other freelancers on this format from time to time. I have added a shortcut to my Fivesquid page in the top menu as I spotted from my Google Analytics data a fair amount of people were interested in it. But also, I had another thought, how about a Fivesquid app?

Don’t get me wrong, the Fivesquid website is very user friendly, and it takes very little time to navigate through the various options needed. And perhaps this is why they have not chosen to launch an app, as the process is already simple to use and to the point. But I do think there could be some advantages to an app, something that could be especially handy for those ‘squidding’ on the go. Not to say they have to copy, but I know several of their rivals including Fiverr do offer an app service.

I will shoot them an email later and see if they have any plans for an app, although I realise even if they did this may not be something they would be able to tell me! But you know, a guy can try. At the very least it might be something they would consider if enough people asked for one. I’ll update this page with their response for anyone interested.

I am quite a heavy user of Fivesquid at the moment and am always looking to increase productivity further, so I guess that is the main reason I am thinking it could be a good idea (I mean for your productivity too, not to be selfish!)


A fast response from the Fivesquid team (there usually is) who said ‘

We do plan to launch an app at some point in the future, however, this is not in our immediate plans. 

Speak soon, and take care of yourself and each other,

Ben xxx

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