Imelda May: Made to Love

A couple of days ago, I was lucky enough to see Imelda May live on her Made to Love tour.

Imelda is an artist who I have liked for a good few years now, ever since I first heard her on, I believe it was, Radio 2.

I love the types of songs she sings, with some having a soulful or folky sound, others more of a jazzy or even rocky edge. This lady has great range, I feel like she could sing all sorts!

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As for her catalogue, they are great songs. Great songs sang by a women with a beautiful and strong voice. Imelda May was definitely one i looked forward to seeing live. Every recorded performance I had seen and heard she sounded great and so I eagerly awaited hearing her sing live. And she didn’t dissapoint.

Another first for me was being at the Cliffs Pavilion theatre for the first time, a nice intimate venue within the famous beach town. It was a nice and intimate setting meaning you felt more like Imelda (who has a cracking warm and funny personality) was chatting wirh you directly.

Imelda managed to fit a good amount of songs in, and even a few lovely poems she had crafted, often letting us in on the details of their origin. There was not one song or poem I didn’t enjoy, all backed by a great band and interesting visuals The set list was very well put together and as a result the concert never once felt like it was dragging.

Then there is the vocals of Imelda May. And if it sounds good when you hear a recorded version of her singing, the live performance is something else. She sounded absolutely great throughout. This is someone with a very strong voice, and a lovely tone, able to adapt to many styles. Her performances were all engaging and mesmerising in equal neasures.

If you want to hear a great singer/singwriter in action, performing some great tracks, I highly recommend going to see Imelda May as soon as you get a chance. For me, she is one of the top players, and I would love to see her again as soon as possible!

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