In the Right Moment

Do you ever have something occur, that just seems to happen at the exact right moment? Sometimes it can feel like you really need something to happen and it’s just not coming. Perhaps it could be said that sometimes you need something to happen and you don’t even realise it! And sometimes things come unexpectantly, and perhaps they are often the most powerful things of all! But however and whenever they happen they are in the right moment.

In my case, this post is a reaction to something that someone specifically said to me at the right moment. And it was a thing that wasn’t directly to do with a situation I was in (as they did not even know about said situation) and yet it had a profound effect on me. It was a message that they had sent to me and it helped calm my mind and help me work through a situation, without them even knowing the massive effect their words had on me! It helped give me a boost of energy both mentally and physically. And the words helped reassure me over something I had been having doubts over before.

Amidst this current lockdown, talking is arguably more important than ever. Whatever communication device we choose to use, millions around the world are doing what they can to keep in contact with their loved ones. And we are all going through this awful pandemic, and the right words and actions can mean even more than usual. It is true what they say, do something nice for someone. Say something nice. It might just be taken as a throwaway comment. Fair enough, no harm done. But it also could make a world of difference to someone’s day.

What about taking this subject of the ‘right thing at the right time’ even further? For instance, what about when you seem to meet the right person at the right time? Of course, this is currently lockdown mode, so chances of physically meeting anyone new are very slim, but with the incredible technology we have access too, we can still meet and keep in contact with people from anywhere around the world. And I think more then ever I have been wanting to talk, but not just ‘general’ talk; someone who can get past the small talk and hold some deeper conversations, about any and everything! This is something I had been looking for, for a long time, but I didn’t realise I had until I found them! Maybe, in the end, it all happens in the right moment.





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