Is Joanne my Guardian Angel?

The concept of a Guardian Angel is not one I either believe or disbelieve in. Like so many things, I take the open stance on the subject. It is not so much about sitting on the fence, more just that I have not had any experiences that have led me to one side of belief more than the other.

I got on to thinking about this subject, how I get on to thinking about most subjects-a few drinks courtesy of the local. These type of subjects always come up. In fact, sometimes I swear we have the exact same conversation, at the exact same time, on the exact same beer round as last week, yet we act as if we are giving this a thought for the first time. Is it even a pub conversation if a debate with some sort of spiritual question has not kicked off, such as is there a God?

Well this time, as I say, it was the subject of if we have a Gurdian Angel or not. I usually find that in any group, usually there will be at least one person who inf

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