Joining the Aldi Train Again!

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To be fair, I am not new to Aldi. I have been shopping there on and off for years. However, over the last couple of months I have been using them a lot more, and for bigger shops. Previousley, I was picking up a few items (mostly snacks) on my way to work or somewhere else, rather then making larger shops.

Switching to Aldi can be a viable way to save money on your shopping bill and I feel its the perfect subject for thriftyP to cover! If you don’t know, thriftyP explores ways for you to save and make, money!

Lidl is a similar supermarket, but for some reason I slightly prefer Aldi. This may just be because I have found more I like, having shopped in Aldi a lot more. I sometimes think of Aldi as Lidl without the bakery but there is more to it then that! Both supermarkets have unique star buys offering great quality for a smaller cost then the other big supermarkets. But yes, I’ll be focusing on Aldi today as I am ‘more experienced’ in them!

Aldi originated from Germany but has been in Great Britain since 1990.

Here are a few personal Aldi highlights, expect more to follow in the near future. I may feature a some on my YouTube channel, as taste tests.

One thing I will say is that I only have a small Aldi locally, so there may be a greater range of great buys I am missing out on, so please do share your favourite Aldi items in the comments!

6 Apple Fruit & Grain Cereal Bars

Now these things are great. If you like Nutri Grain Fruit bars, but want to pay less and, in my opinion, have a nicer tasting bar, pick these!

Costing just 85p, Nutri Grain are probably around £1-£1.50 for the same size box. These bars taste better to me, making a nice cake treat with a cuppa. A little softer then NG’s offering, possibly more stodgy, but for me it works (I like it like that, to quote the ad!) The filling is nice and not too sweet like a lot of these bars are.

Snackrite Multipack Mini Cheese Bakes 7x24g

These own brand Mini Cheddars have improved since I last had them, a year or so ago. They used to be quite dry before and not as full of flavour as the McVities counterpart. But now Aldi have changed the recipe and they taste so much better, and these are no longer too dry. I might even like them more then Mini Cheddars! And the value is superb: 7 packs will set you back just 73p! Great on their own, but also with cheese. Really tasty value!

Snackrite Multipack Thick Cut Ridged Variety Crisps 6x30g

Like McCoys, but wish you could pay just 75p for a pack of 6? Well, Aldi has got you covered! Now McCoys, since I was a kid, have always felt to me like an ultimate crisp experience. They are just so full of flavour, especially the cheese and onion ones.

Having said that, I did find this type of crisp could be a bit hard to the bite at times. So have Aldi, managed to recreate one of my faviourite crisps at a reduced price? They have done a good job. These taste very similar, just as full on flavour, and actually softer to eat which I prefer. Sorry McCoys I’m saving my money and teeth with Aldi!

Brooklea Low Fat Yellow Fruit Medley Yoghurt 6x125g

(Picture unavailable).

These are just, simple, tasty flavoured yoghurts, I especially like the passion fruit one. Each pot has a nice creamyness, and for 79p they are a lot better then other own brand offerings (such as Tesco’s chepo multipack yoghurts which are much worse). Also, these have a nice amount of fruit chunks for the price.

That is me done for today, expect more after my next Aldi discovery!



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