Lidl Plus

Is Lidl Plus Worth it?

I have been using the app for around 2 months now, and I wanted to share my thoughts.

Lidl and Aldi: Who Has the Edge?!

Lidl and Aldi are consistently the two cheapest supermarkets overall in the UK. Hence why we have the other big names falling over themselves to price match Aldi (but you’ll likely still save more in Aldi overall because the rest of your shop will be cheaper then Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s).

Yea, Aldi and Lidl are very similar in price and stock range and probably in quality, too. But Lidl have done something Aldi haven’t, and that is to offer a loyalty scheme. This could be enough to give Lidl an edge (along with the Crossiants!)

It’s a tricky one as somethings are slightly cheaper in Aldi, so it will depend on what you shop for, when it comes to how much you save if you were to shop more at Lidl then Aldi. For me, changing my shop to Lidl for the majority, and just topping up at other shops seems to be saving me some money, thanks to Lidl Price.


Lidl issue coupons regurley after you have scanned your Lidl Plus card when you shop. They usually give you 10-15 per cent off a quite random batch of products, although I spot some popping up more regularly. As far as I know it’s not based on your usual shopping habits.

To be honest, a lot of the time I do find the coupons are not items I would purchase. But every so often it will be something I do purchase, like a sharing bag of hand cooked crisps for 20 perrecent off being a recent highlight-nd they were only 99p to begin with.

They also often give 15 per cent off dark chocolate quite often and I love their dark chocolate.


Then you have the ‘Goals’. You will find on your Lidl Plus app a meter which records when you reach various spending goals. Within a month, when you reach a certain spend amount, a reward will be waiting.

First up, it’s usually a free bakery item (seems to be any baked good, even though they vary in value). Next it’s £2 off your shop. Then it’s a free 100g chocolate bar. And finally, if you spend £250 in a month, 10 per cent off a shop is yours. I have never spent that much in a month to qualify for the discount, usually just shy of it. But if it’s your main supermarket then it shouldn’t be too hard to reach for a fair amount of people. I usually reach the other gials-,it’s a nice incentive.


Make sure you remember to activate a coupon for money off or a freebie before or after your shopping has been scanned, if you don’t you won’t get your money off, or freebie for free! And keep an.eye on how long you have to.use a coupon, they don’t usually last for long.

So, how have you all been finding Lidl Plus?





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