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Does Aldi have Stiff Competition?

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In the form of Lidl? Well, it has competition in the form of all the other supermarkets, but in terms of my personal “No.1 Supermarket” spot!

Yes, I am a convert to Aldi regarding the big supermarkets in the UK. Of course, it’s not perfect; its website is frustrating, and prices go up and down like yo-yos, and you might find a product you love but if it comes back in again that is another story! Of course, in fairness, these are issues surrounding the retail business in general because of the current climate. But I think this has always been a bit of an Aldi thing.

As a supermarket, Aldi is somewhere I can’t quite complete a full shop (there are just a few products I haven’t been able to find a better Aldi version of, like Heinz Salad Cream!) and they aren’t the best for special dietary requirements such as Gluten-Free foods.

Searching for a product can be frustrating on Aldi’s website and the same can be said when instore. Note I have the honey app activated, have been testing it out, and will review it soon.

Still, it’s tops for me, as the main supermarket giants go. However, I confess, I have been giving a crafty look in the direction of Lidl. Lidl has similar prices and range, with the added bonus of a fresh bakery. If you know the Aldi layout you’ll recognise the Lidl one. But Lidl have something that makes them different. Yes, they have Lidl Price. And this is the thing I have been thinking a lot about recently.

About Lidl+

  • Can be downloaded on iPhone or Android
  • No subscription cost
  • Simple to use
  • £5 off your first £25
  • After each shop, a scratchcard will appear and you can win a small saving on your next shop.
  • Every time you use the card you earn points. If you spend £100 in a month you earn £2 in credit to shop with. But if you earn £200 you will get a tenner!
  • Plus, you get coupons to activate that should save you 10-20% off certain items.
  • I don’t know if this is a regular thing, but I got a voucher for an actual freebie, a block of cheese, which was much appreciated.

Is it Worth the Download?

Overall, the savings could be helpful. But I am trying to work out if I would save switching from Aldi to Lidl. Most of the prices do seem similar, so if they are close and you are getting further discounts then that is clearly a bonus. But for the main reductions to start you need to be spending at least £100 a month. Now, normally in Aldi, I probably do manage that, but I like to go to other shops for certain products where there is a better deal. So maybe I wouldn’t always reach that threshold. And there is another key consideration: does the general food quality match? Because, for the most, I am happy with Aldi’s food quality. I have had some bits from Lidl here and there in the past, but not nearly as much as Aldi, so I need to investigate this further.

I will update further after more time with Lidl and Lidl+! I think Aldi is still winning the social media advertising competition, though. If you don’t know what I am talking about, follow their facebook page.

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