Making Money Using AI: A Basic Overview

A little look at the current landscape for making money with AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is bringing change to many areas of people’s lives including the way they do business. New ways of making money through AI technology have emerged which we will take a look at:

Using AI to Create, edit and Sell Images

You may have tried out the AI image-creating apps, seeing what designs can be produced. But have you thought about selling images using the same tools?

Using AI to Create and Sell Music

Is this the future of Pop?

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Using AI to Create and Sell a Service

AI can be utilised in an increasing amount of capacities, including potentially running services….

Using AI to Create and Sell Writing

How long before AI-created books are on the Waterstones bestseller lists?

Even if any of the above is not directly sold for income, you can earn off it through monetisation.

Trading AI assets

Oh yes, AI will shake up trading big time.

Investment in AI Companies

With AI exploding, investments will be rising…

In upcoming posts, I’ll be working through this list, looking at each of these possibilities in greater detail!






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