Merry Christmas! This Year’s Festive Video Playlist

Every year I like to have a Christmas themed YouTube playlist on the go. Here is 2020’s selection:

Mary Did You Know?

Many people have covered this song over the years and I have heard many great versions. I like the concept of this song; focusing on how things are from Mary’s perspective. I’m not a religious man but find this concept and the song very powerful. CeeLo Green was the first cover I remember hearing a few years ago but know the song dates back much further. My favourite version is this vocal powehouse from top band Pentatonix:

Beautiful. However, as its new for this year, and just to add even further to the legend of Dolly Parton, here’s Dolly’s also wonderful version:

Oh Santa!

Want something Mariah Carey Christmas related that’s not All I Want For Christmas ? Want a performance that finally features Arianna with Mariah, and doing a double whistle no less? And have the whole thing lifted by the vocals of Jennifer Hudson? Oh Santa! should be for you. It’s catchy, fun and joyful, and ticks all of the above brilliantly .

Can’t Stop Christmas

Robbie has put together a perfectly Christmas sounding tune that could have come out any year if it weren’t for its lyrics, which keep in mind what 2020 has meant for us all. These lyrics are snappy and Robbie’s vocal is exactly what it should be for this kind of song.

Last Christmas

Despite how big this song is during the festive period, it has never made it to number one. Chart positions mean less and less in many respects these days, but the one time people tend to focus on the top ten still is during the race for Christmas number one. And it would be a lovely tribute to George to finally get his Christmas classic to the top spot. This song is Christmas for me!

Here is a great cover:

Merry Christmas , Take Care xxxx



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