My Common TV Misconceptions #1

EastEnders Has No Humour

No humour in EastEnders has filled the social media comments pages for years as well as being a statement made by numerous TV critics over the shows long history. And you can see where this comes from, EastEnders started off with an undercurrent of misery and darkness and has continued along that path.

However, for all of the critism you could point towards EastEnders, it having no humour is not an accurate statement.

Of course, Corrie is the British soap known for its humour. And more so then EastEnders it’s known for comedy characters and storylines. But EastEnders has had a few characters played for comedy, many of them not very good or funny, but it’s wrong to say it hasn’t.

This is also a show that has served as a showcase-regardless if you find them.funny or not-for talented comedic actors who can also play the drama well. Point in case you have Shane Ritchie as Alfie, Tameka Empson as Kim and Brian Conley as Rocky, all currently in the show and regularly bringing in the humour. I would personally say I think they are all good at the comedic moments most of the time (sometimes I find Kim and Alfi funny, sometimes not, I prefer their subtle rather then over-the-top moments). And they do well with the serious stuff, too.

Then there are the storylines which are rarely comedic, butevery so often there will be one to try and bring lighter moments into the show. To be honest these aren’t usually that funny, the best comedy in Eastenders will be more natural moments based on character interaction, and through dialogue with witty one liners-which EastEnders has had some great ones over the years.

There have been some classic humour -fikked moments such as Pat and Frank’s affair containing the famous moment involving Frank showing up on Pat’s doorstep with just his bow-tie in tact. Or take the Mitchell Brothers going Kung-Fu Fighting in the Vic. These are classic light-hearted moments Inbetween the East End misery.

I’m pretty sure as the years have gone on the show has increased its level of humour even more, and is possibly moving slightly away frpm ongoing onslaughts of misery and having a few more positive moments. We shall see, but EastEnders is not a show devoid of humour, in all fairness.





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