My Lidl Faves So Far

OK, so here is a random roundup of some top Lidl buys.

So I have covered plenty of Aldi must-haves, and also a few to maybe miss (actually there hasn’t really been too many of those!) But now it’s time to put Lidl in the spotlight! Please note prices were taken at time of writing via the Lidl website or using my receipt!

Starting with a real winner…

Aberdeen Angus Beef & Suffolk Ale Hand Cooked Potato Crisps

These are so, so very good. There are crisps and then there are these crisps. You get a nice beefyness that is not as artificial as some beefy crisps, and they even have a flame-grilled thing going on. But what really makes them a great flavour is the authentic Suffolk Ale taste. The crisps themselves are good quality ridges. For 99p- or take that with 20% off thanks to a Lidl Plus coupon-these are an excellent snack.

Best crisps I have had in a long while. Guessing they will be great paired with a good beer.

Almond & Orange Dark Chocolate (56%)

This is a really nice bar. Orange and chocolate is a wonderful combination when done right, and they have judged it well here. The orange isn’t too sweet, the dark chocolate is nice (seemed higher than the 56% it actually is) and then you have tiny bits of almonds for extra texture. Lovely.

Crossiants (From the bakery)

Ever brought a crossiant from Costa? Because I have and swear they cost at least 1.50 each compared to a mere 49p in Lidl. And which one tastes better? In my opinion the Lidl ones wipe the floor with Costa’s pricey option. The Lidl ones are more buttery, moist and tasty whereas I find the Costs ones limp and a bit tasteless. A reasonable and delicious addition to your breakfast coffee. And especially good if you grab them when they have just come out of the supermarket ovens.

Pocket Tissues

Yes, it’s sneezey cold season stil. Lidl’s 69p for 8 tissue packs are much better quality then some of the discounted options. The tissues hold well, unlike Poundland’s Legally Blonde offerings. Yes, we appreciate the classic movie reference but about 3 in 5 ripped as I took them out of the packet to catch a sneeze. Maybe Poundland paid a little too much for that license and didn’t have enough budget for quality ! Lidl’s are the best value packet tissues I am currently aware of

More soon! Got any Lidl Must-haves to recommend?






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