I don’t know about you but I grew up with the ‘Just Get on With it Attitude’. I don’t mean it was something I chose to adopt, it was the attitude in general from the adults I grew up with, shaping my school and personal life. I was born in ’88, and finished school in 2005. The JGOWI Attitude is still present to this day, less or more I don’t know, but definitely exists enough to make its voice heard. And it still does as much damage now as it did then. And I am still doing my best to fight against it.

I can recall, actually, as a kid, probably more a teenager, thinking that we did need to JGOWI it was like this was the only option and the way to get through anything that seemed hard. And you had to tell people to do the same. Turns out it didn’t help me through anything, not in a healthy way anyway, and instead left me and many, many others with mental health issues.

If you need to take time out, TAKE TIME OUT. School, work, home life, in anyway way you can take a step back, take it. You might get through something short term but long term it might make things worse. In fact it almost certainly will

This is all easier said then done of course. Saying it is one thing, doing it quite another. But if we can instill this more healthy attitude to become an everyday part of our lifes we can shape ourselves and encourage those around us in a way we never were.

There is no time like your time.

Take care of yourself x



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